Mohammad Ahmadi Bidakhvidi

Mohammad Ahmadi Bidakhvidi is a developer of communication software and games. The current developer portfolio contains 89 programs. The most popular software is NetTools with 44 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by Mohammad Ahmadi Bidakhvidi

Instant Messenger with ICQ, MSN and SMS. Integrated Ping, Trace and Network Monitor Functions. Web S...
WarZone Client
Is a gaming lobby for playing multiplayer versions of older DirectPlay games.
Port Scanner
This port scanner has the ability to scan multiple ports and multiple IPs.

Popular programs by Mohammad Ahmadi Bidakhvidi

Ident Server
Special tool that allows you to activate an 'IDENT'...
Abyss Web Server
Easy to use personal web server with HTTP/1.1, CGI, and SSI support.
Anark Client
Anark Media Client renders 3D, 2D, video, and text in real time.

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